Ethan Book for U.S. Senate | Connecticut

Mar 07

Update 03/07/10

Hello, Friends,

Matters are progressing well!  You may be aware that I made my formal public announcement of my candidady for the U.S. Senate on February 25th.  That clearly wasn't much time to be eligible for the Hartford Courant candidate debate which took place last evening at Hartford University.  However, I wasn't terribly concerned as, based on what I have observed, there may not be much excitement for the nature of the candidates and issue development which has been apparent.  The participants were Rob Simmons, a liberal Republican, Linda McMahon a neo-conservative and Peter Schiff, a libertarian conservative.

What I was expecting turned out to be.  Today's front-page headline in the Connecticut Post read "Questions tax GOP hopefuls".  Then after an introductory paragraph, staff writer Neil Vigdor said "The hour-long tilt, if one could call it that, elicited a barrage of criticism of the Obama administration and Democratic-controlled Congress, but few haymakers that many political junkies had been craving, particularly between bitter foes MaMahon and Simmons".  Clearly the stage is well set for more public emergence of my candidacy.

I will discuss here a couple aspects of my candidacy as it compares with what was reported of last evening's debate. 

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