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Apr 01

Update 03/30/2010

Hello Friends,

As this campaign has developed, I have identified as two key emerging focal points of my platform Congressional reform (including term limits) and judicial reform.  For a Republican candidate to give focus on judicial reform is not common.  However the issue is right and the time is right.  It seems that there are too many in positions of power who view constitutional rights as being a scarce commodity such that those in power tend to parcel them out only to some privileged few.  That is part of what I describe in the campaign introduction as being a conflict with the positivist view of government and the Natural Law theory of constitutional government.  It is my view that our Constitution is good enough and the Hand of God that acted in its drafting is sufficiently powerful that the American Constitutional experience works best and is most efficient, effective and productive domestically and internationally when the rights of all are reasonably respected.

There is mention in the campaign website of a wrongful conviction of a petty misdemeanor for which I spent the full year of 2003 detained as a guest of the State.  I have also asserted in Court papers and publicly that it was a wrongful conviction (i.e, I didn't have a full and fair opportunity to litigate, that therer are various factors of voidness of the convictions and I did not have a reasonable opportunity for appeal.).  To date, no one has disputed this!  Nonetheless, it happened and early during that difficult experience, I decided that I would make the best of a difficult situation.  It seemed that to whatever dormitory I was assigned, other men had a sense that I knew something about the law and they would ask me questions or ask for assistance.  Whenever I could help, I would do so.  Quickly during that process, I realized that I was neither the only innocent or even one of a few.  Rather, I was one of a rather large group of innocents.

My first point of residence during that year was at the Memorial II Dormitory of the Bridgeport Correctional Center (BCC).  There in February of 2003, a man of color approached me.  He was probably in his 30's.  He explained to me his case, that he had been arrested for robbery and kidnapping, that the only evidence which the Bridgeport police had against him was identification in a photo lineup, and also that at the time of the alleged incident, he was at home with his woman and his daughter.  The man approached me with a sheet of paper on which he had written a statement.  He showed it to me and asked for advice on how to get his message before the Court.  I read the statement,  I was deeply touched by it.  At first, I wanted to correct the spelling and grammatical errors but then I thought that the very way he wrote the statement added meaning and effect.  I gave him advice on getting his message before the Court.  However, I also asked his permission that I could transcribe my own copy of the statement.  He gave me permission.  We didn't have photocopiers at the BCC so I wrote his statement by hand.  After I was released, I input the statement into my computer.  The same statement is here.  I'd appreciate that you review it.  I think it's powerful.  I welcome your comments!

Also, in January of 2003, Boston-based Attorney David Grossak made the following public statement:

"Court activity can best be viewed as a 'community game' where the players consist of the elites on one side and outsiders on the other.  The well-connected lawyers, police and judges are connected through a number of ways to the corporate elite that own the media and I personally know that Associated Press kills stories that embarass family courts because they do not want to antagonize the judges in these courts."

Further, in January of 2006, there were hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the nomination of Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.  During the hearings, there emerged comment that in cases before the Court of Appeals which were between government interests and the citizenry, Judge Alito had ruled in favor of the government in 97% of the cases which he decided.  I am not such much concerned that Judge Alito was eventually confirmed.  Rather I am concerned that there was not more Committee, media and public attention to that issue.

This campaign is being felt and is gaining traction but all would go more quickly and smoothly with some campaign contributions such as for the formal filing of the candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission.  It is fully lawful for me to campaign as I am but I don't file with the Commission until there are $5,000 in campaign contributions.  Small contributions would make you an active participant and would be of great value in this important endeavor.  For anyone who questions this I would suggest that he or she considers the options!

I welcome your review and comments!

Ethan Book
Tel. (203) 943-0045
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Mar 24

Update 03/24/2010

Hello Friends,

On Monday I sent to my followers as part of a core group the blog post from 03/21/2010 which gave the text of a letter which I had just sent to Peter Schiff, a libertarian who also seeks the Republican Party nomination for the senate seat soon to be vacated by Christopher Dodd.  My recent message relates the steps which I early took to address matters of ineffective regulation in banking and securities matters to other more direct matters of state government, some which relate to current national issues of transparency and accountability in government and judicial reform, among others.  One of those additional matters was mention of a letter which I sent to Senator Joseph Lieberman in October of 1997.  For giving the message below broader distribution, I was considering including the letter to Lieberman as an attachment.  However, upon reflection I considered that the letter contains some material of sensitive political matters with information of which some people might be uncomfortable.

I therefore decided to distribute the message with reference rather to the campaign website where the letter can be read by those who are interested and seek it.

Regarding the recently approved health care legislation, I have been encouraged by the positions stated by Arizona Senator John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudolf Guiliani that we need to get Republicans elected in November in order to present a substitute health care reform, one which retains the good elements of the existing legislation and replaces or removes the objectionable portions.  I am concerned that with all the effort, additional regulation and costs, that the percentage of coverage increases from 83 to 95, that with an estimated cost over ten years of $940 billion (that also when for the existing levels of government deficit and debt and the various domestic and international implications are such that our nation cannot afford such additional expenses).  As I have been saying, there are more efficient and cost-effective ways of satisfying proper objectives.

The general public of our nation is somewhat split about opinion of the new health care legislation with some predominance against.  It is my view that as more information and understanding about the new legislation surfaces, the portion of those against the legislation will increase.  The level of discontent about the legislation is such that there may be cause to stress the fact that presidential immunity is not absolute.  There is a 1982 Supreme Court case of Nixon v. Fitzgerald which discusses the scope and limitations of presidential immunity.  It is a fact that there are some situations where a president can be civilly liable to the public.  This is not a matter to be considered lightly but there are some situations where it can and should be considered.  Both the public and our public officials need to be fully aware of this.

The campaign website continually improves, thanks to Jon Dupree of Veritage Marketing in Danbury.

I expect soon to have more defined issue presentation on the website and also a section for some photographs (i.e., several personal shots, some of the Peace Corps experience in Colombia and some of Haiti; taken while I visited there in 1982 with several of those compared with post-quake shots of the same scenes).  For those who would be interested in viewing a more complete set of such photos, I welcome you to become Friends at my Facebook site (my e-mail is  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  The campaign message is being well received with continuing and additional contacts and introductions which I make daily.  I continue as I am able to request audiences with local Republican Town Committees and there are developing opportunities for newspaper and radio interviews.  Your suggestions and referrals are welcome.

I also welcome your thoughts about these points of discussion and I continue to be grateful for the support which I am receiving!

God is good!



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Mar 21

Update 03/21/10

Hello Friends,

This message is sweet and simple!  Today, I sent to Peter Schiff, the libertarian of the other three primary contenders for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, the following letter:

"Dear Mr. Schiff:
I hear of your radio ads a statement that regarding the recent financial crisis, you say that no one sounded the alarm as loud as you did.  Your statement is incorrect.  In 1994 and 1995, I filed four federal lawsuits, two of them against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, one against the Securities and Exhange Commission and one against the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, among other matters.
I welcome your comments.
Sincerely, Ethan Book Jr."

It is of further interest that the civil lawsuit filed against the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA; with named defendants including the Office of the Attorney General) is discussed in my letter of January 9, 2010 to Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal (with full text available here).  Other focus of several developing interrelated themes is the mention in that letter of a separate letter which I sent to Senator Joseph Lieberman (the one who was Attorney General in the 1980's, was a Yale Law School classmate of Mr. Blumenthal and also a mentor, and colleague of Mr. Blumenthal) in October of 1997.

Clearly, this campaign is heating up with more emerging factors to benefit this important campaign.



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Mar 19

Update 03/19/10

Hello Friends!

Some things of great interest and importance are happening.  This is a very important message!  In order to grasp well the significance of what is occuring, certain points of background and time lines are important.  Please allow me!

On January 9th, I sent to Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal a four-page letter (text available in the box to the right ).  There are various important facts and principles described in that letter which despite follow-up is yet to be answered.  Among those is the following:

". . . it is apparent that you and officials under your authority abuse your positions to influence officials of state agencies and state courts as collateral attack against citizens who might have legitimate federal claims against state officials or against state agencies".

In the setting of what is clearly an undiagnosed political cancer which is described in the letter, the unchallenged statement has great political significance for this campaign.

Of the other three primary Republican contenders for the available senate seat (i.e., former congressman Rob Simmons, former WWE executive Linda McMahon, and economist Peter Schiff), on February 22nd, I sent to Ms. McMahon a letter.  In that I stated the following:

". . . you say that you do not rely on political contributions because of personal wealth that has been obtained from WWE (a publicly owned limited liability corporation), however, are you willing to disclose the political contributions which have been made in the last seven years by WWE and/or its corporate officers?"

To date, I have received no direct response from Ms. McMahon.

On February 25th, at the Azul Restaurant in "the Hollow" sector of Bridgeport, I made a formal public announcement of this candidacy.  The complete text of my announcement speech is also available at the link above.

On February 26th, the Fairfield Citizen published a front-page article entitled "Ethan Book's Bid for U.S. Senate" and written by Tim Loh (If one googles my name, the full article is available here; same article also published in the Darien News, a sister newspaper under the same parent company Brooks Community newspapers),  While the article overall was good, it gave some politicly-sensitive facts in a manner which could lead to misinterpretation.  I therefore presented to the Fairfield Citizen a letter-to-the-editor which was published on March 5th (text available under the menu heading "Political Corruption").  If one considers carefully the undisputed information which is contained both in the published article and the published letter-to-the-editor together with the undisputed facts contained in my letter of January 9th to Mr. Blumenthal, it is apparent that there is being exposed a very real political cancer of which Mr. Blumenthal, the primary contender for the Democrat party nomination for the available senate seat, has been a continuing active agent of suppression and obstruction.  In other words, during my active involvement and pursuit of good government over more than two decades,  Mr. Blumenthal has been overtly and improperly attempting to obstruct my pursuit of justice and equity, that also while Ms. McMahon was "milking the cow".  In very practical terms, I have some very real tools for a successful campaign.

On March 11th, I sent to Christopher Healey, the Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, a seven-page letter which was in support of my proposition which follows:

"The primary purpose of this letter is to assert with support that I am the best opportunity for the Republican party to defeat in November any candidate of any other party including Richard Blumenthal than any other known candidate for the position of United States Senate.  In fact, considering the information and comments that I present here, I represent a superb opportunity for such a victory and, with qualities for my candidacy if handled properly, I can be a hands-down opportunity for such a victory."

Copies of the letter were cited for Rob Simmons, Linda McMahon and Peter Schiff.

On March 14th, the Connecticut Post published a feature front-page article entitled "The Running of the Rich - Is Wealth Changing State Politics?"  The article, which was written by Ken Dixon (the same reporter who authored the 1987 article entitled "Tilting at Power" which provided good facts regarding the beginning of the personal saga of my introduction to dysfunctional state politics, an article which is also available here), describes with good detail that major party candidates for the positions of U.S. Senator and Connecticut Governor are all persons of substantial wealth.  Specifically mentioned were Richard Blumenthal, Rob Simmons, Linda McMahon and Peter Schiff.  It was not alleged in the article that I am a candidate of substantial wealth!

I have received no responses to my mentioned letter of March 11th to Conn. GOP Chairman Chris Healey.  However, apparently since that letter, Ms. McMahon has redoubled her campaign spending of conclusory sound bites and challenge of Rob Simmons' record with a flurry of television ads and mass mailings (It is curious that since that letter, I have not received any more of her mass campaign mailings.).  In that setting, yesterday there were media reports that Ms. McMahon has increased her poll lead over Rob Simmons to 10 points.  However, the same media reports confirm that she remains behind the poll figures for Mr. Blumenthal by a margin of 2 to 1.  There is also commentary that for the May Republican State Convention (where she will have to convince the party delegates), she may have trouble with various weaknesses of her campaign including the yet unresolved issue of a botched federal investigation under the administration of President Bush of steriod use at WWE, "World Wrestling Entertainment" (an issue which political analysts have speculated that the Obama administration is waiting to revisit until she might get the Republican party nomination).  Also, it is clear that she is attempting to protray herself as one with experience, which she does not have, and also one who is challenging the establishment (which may be a cookie-cutter mold into which she has placed herself after nearly three decades of being part of the status-quo).

Let's place all the above into a perspective of strategy and procedure.  This campaign is only recently announced.  Wherever I go to talk about the candidacy, I am well-received.  I am not a liberal Republican, a neo-conservative or a libertarian.  Rather, I am a common sense conservative Republican who has been conservative even before it became politically popular to be conservative. In addition, I have real ties to minority groups.  Some of this is understood from the Spanish text statement at the campaign website and will be further understood with other material which will be made available soon.  This campaign is gaining traction and it can even be said that at this early stage, it is showing signs of resonnating!

The Connecticut Republican Convention is on May 21st.  There are three possibilities for this candidacy. 

First, it could receive the party endorsement with a plurality of votes.  With the factors that there are of this campaign, that is plausible although it would be a matter of major accomplishment. 

Second, it could receive at least 15% of the delegate votes for which there would be an automatic primary election in August.  With good understanding of this campaign and some activity from the supporters who understand the importance of the issues and platform points, this option is both conceivable and even probable.  

Third, with about 8,000 signatures, We could force an August primary.  That is also conceivable but in my view, it would be simpler and easier to accomplish one of the first two options.

The issues are apparent and becoming clearer.  The issues are right.  The time is right.  As I stated in early campaign materials, I am the kind of candidate who can rekindle the romance between the Republican Party and the public which it seeks to serve.  Will you support this candidacy to give US the kind of opportunity that we all seek, want and need.

If you like this message, let me know and also please pass it along to your friends and acquaintances.

May God bless us all and may God bless our good state and our great nation!


Ethan Book

P.S.  During this past week, I have had lengthy meetings which the top executives of two minority group radio stations.  They want to do live interviews.  Also, I am tentatively scheduled to be a participant in a forum for Republican Party senate candidates, a matter sponsored by the Connecticut Tea Party for April 23rd in Greenwich.  God is good!  "Dios es bueno!"

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Mar 12

Update 03/12/10

Hello, Friends,
There are some good developments to report!
Peter is the one who has been wanting to assist in the campaign treasury functions.  However, his primary role is as a pastor of a church in Stamford (He also is in his last year for an accounting degree at Bridgeport University.).  His church leadership recently gave him instructions that he was to relocate with his family by March 15th to a church in Buffalo which needs a temporary pastor.  In part for his commitment and shared vision of the campaign, he formally requested that the church leadership either reconsider their plan or that they postpone the time.  I called him last evening and he was pleased to tell me that the Church leaders had agreed to postpone his date for the new assignment until June.  That's great news!
While we were talking by phone about these matters last evening, Peter commented that yesterday while he was driving, he heard a radio commentator talking about the fact of there being various Republican candidates for the position of U.S. Senate.  The commentator then mentioned that there is a new emerging candidate, Ethan Book, who is different from the others.  It seemed like the commentator was suggesting to his radio audience that this candidacy is one to watch.  I agree!  Peter said that he would try to get the station number for me.
If you haven't taken a recent look at the campaign website, I suggest that you do so.  Jon Dupree is doing a great job on it.  It appears that soon there will be added to the website a copy of my famous letter of January 9th to Atty. Gen. Blumenthal.  I believe that the letter both explains and reveals much of public interest.  In addition, there will soon be on the website the Spanish text of a brochure which has been created.  The Hispanics seem to have eager interest in the brochure.
Thus, things are going well but there is more to be done in a short time.  I appreciate the support in whatever you are able to give from all of you.  Most of all, I appreciate your prayers!
As they say in Spanish, "Dios es bueno!"
With regards,

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