Nov 27

Update November 27, 2011

Hello, Friends,
This letter just sent to retired Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd is a development of the issue of "weed-gate", a matter which for me began with my letter of November 20, 2009 to Senator Dodd (at website).  The letter deals with credible, developing and unchallenged information that during the late 1970's or early 1980's, then as a U.S. Congressman, Mr. Dodd was a partner in an illegal venture to transport a large planeload of marijuana from Latin America to the United States.  When the plane landed in South Carolina, the operation was busted by the feds. Mr. Dodd's reported partner, Nick Romano, was allowed to take the rap and he served a federal prison sentence of about five years, all while Mr. Dodd craftily evaded prosecution.  This matter as well as the deliberate indifference if not cover-up by the Obama administration just before the late 2009 Congressional approval of the hotly-contested Obama health care plan and also the curiously-timed public announcement by Mr. Dodd on January 7, 2010 that he would not seek re-election, an announcement made concurretly with the public announcement by Richard Blumenthal that he would seek the Democrat Party nomination for U.S. Senate (with Mr. Blumenthal having served as U.S. Attorney precisely during the time period that the smuggling operation took reportedly took place) have much to do with the very weak and crumbling political power base which brought Mr. Blumenthal to be the presumed victor in the November 2010 election for the U.S. Senate, and an election process which is subject of my pending federal court challenge.
Ethan Book

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