Jan 30

Update January 30, 2012

Hello, Friends,
Attached you will find my most recent letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid regarding the issue of the assignment of Richard Blumenthal to the Judiciary Committee, my federal court challenge of portions of the recent statewide election process and related matters.
The eight-page letter  discusses issues of serious and glaring error on the part of the Second Circuit Clerk of Court and that Court of Appeals in the matter of Book v. CRRA et al., an earlier case with issues which interplay with the election challenge in Book et al. v. Bysiewicz et al. There are glaring issues of reverse-gender bias, of political bias and of substantive due process.
Regarding reverse-gender bias, I assert that "Reverse-gender bias is a critical political cancer to current American society!  It has become a de-facto novo-slavery!  Also, reverse-gender bias is a vehicle by which other [politically] sensitive biases and preferenses are administered."
Another important and well-supported statement that I make is "[t]hus, through a pattern of judicial errors, not just in the recent matters but extending for over fifteen years, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals artificially and constructively spiked the recent statewide election process".
Then I state that "[n]either the Founding Fathers nor God intended either implicitly or explicitly that I or those whom I symbolize should be deemed and treated as second-class citizens."
Ethan Book

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