Jun 04

Update June 4, 2011

The attached letter deals with several important issues including of the need for the Obama administration to give a full explanation of the objective for the curiously-timed $100 million federal grant reportedly for the construction of a university hospital in Connecticut and understood to have been a favor for then-Senator Christopher Dodd (that at a time that the Obama administration was vigorously active in seeking support for the heavily-contested health-care legislation although Sen. Dodd was never one of the known hold-out votes), of the very important issue of the need for judicial reform (that in the context of very clear matters of systematic biases in our nation's courts) and of affirmation of a recent federal Freedom of Information Act request of Mr. Obama for a copy of the letter which is required of both state and federal statutes that former Governor M. Jodi Rell was to have sent to him to confirm the results of the recent statewide election for the position of U.S. Senator (a matter which we timely requested directly of Gov. Rell but of which we never received a reply).  The enclosure to this letter of our Motion of February 11, 2011 for Reconsideration of District Judge Peter Dorsey's decision to grant the Defendants' Motion to Dismiss is separately available at this website.  Cited copy distribution of this letter include Senator Patrick Leahy, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Senator Chuck Grassley, ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Nancy Erickson, Secretary of the U.S. Senate; Senator John McCain (AZ): Congressman Jim Himes (CT); District Judge Peter C. Dorsey and Attorney Robert Snook at the Office of the Attorney General.

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