Jul 22

Update July 22nd

Hello Friends,

Now we have my second letter to the legislative Government Administration and Elections Committee .  I think we are getting down to the nitty-gritty.  Particularly important in it are the following:

1.  My assertion that the clearly excessive and malicious state actions regarding the 2001 petty misdemeanor action of Stamford Superior Court were done because the civil and financial claims of my 1995 federal lawsuit against the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority are viable, well-founded and legitimate,

2.  My statements that "Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been an active participant in a broadly pervasive culture mentality among officials of state agencies and state courts of not giving to [me] what [I] seek before state agencies and state courts . . . that as part of an understood or implied unarticulated strategy of discouraging, delaying and discrediting [me] from further pursuit of federal claims" and "Mr. Blumenthal has observedly acted with the view that his broad political network and support would effect to sheld him from normal responsibility and liability.  Therefore, Mr. Blumenthal and those associated with him have acted in a manner, not of doing what is right, rather in doing what they have believed that they, in concert with others of similar mind, could get away with . . . ."

3.  The photographs that are attached to the 4th Supplement to Motion for Reconsideration presented in the quiet title lawsuit, photographs which show (1) where I resided together with my family in 1983 when I moved to Fairfield from the Dominican Republic, (2) my designated business office location in September of 2005, and (3) my designated business office location as was observed on July 16, 2010.  The contrasts reflect what happens to one in the current political system in Connecticut who seeks to productively and positively do right!

The letter may be lengthy but I believe it is well-suited for this moment of proper disclosure and issue development.  It is powerful!

I welcome your review and comments!



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