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Update July 7. 2010

Hello Friends,

pic1I invite you to review the article which I wrote and was just published yesterday at http://www.gopjournal.com/?p=1032 entitled "Is the McMahon Republican Endorsement Valid?"  The exclusive article deals with legal issues of multiple substantive defects of the Certificate of Endorsement which Linda McMahon filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on June 2nd as well as of very crucial related political issues.  All is of substantial public interest! 

The article is published together with the attached photograph which was taken by Cheryl Lemos at the Statewide Tea Party Rally held on July 4th at Booth Memorial Park in Stratford, CT.  The photograph was taken while I was addressing a group of about 350 people.  The rally was a great success!  I welcome your comments on the article!



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