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Update June 6th, 2010

Hello Tea Party Associates and Supporters,
I have consistently described myself as a strict constitutionalist and as one who promotes conservative fiscal and social policies.  As is described in the letter that I just sent to Christopher Healey, Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, I also affirm that there are sufficient facts upon which to base formal Articles of Impeachment against President Obama.  This is not a matter of recent development by me rather is one which has been progressing formally since at least February of this year.
In my various visits to Tea Party events across the State, there is often a question posed to me of how my candidacy is distinguished from that of Peter Schiff.  While there are various points of contrast, I frequently point out that Peter Schiff is anti-war whereas I am conservative or discerning in matters of war, also that he is a libertarian whereas I am socially conservative.  While there are some other points to distinquish us, these two have summarized key differences (I point out that one Tea Party patriot recently commented to me that my campaign platform better addresses the heart of key Tea Party principles than that of any other candidate.).  However, as is apparent from the following letter to Mr. Healey, a specific point which has been part of my platform is that of the existence of proper lawful causes for impeachment of President Obama (i.e., for Articles of Impeachment to be presented by the House of Representatives and thereupon investigated and decided by the Senate).  The potential issues of impeachment and of the impending national purpose and need for this grows continuously.
However, despite my proper and timely assertions of such matters (as is described in my letter), there has been essentially NO response from other candidates including Mr. Schiff.  The crucial significance of this impeachment issue has become such that I prepared and sent the following letter to Mr. Healey (with copy distribution to Mr. Schiff and others).  As is clear and specific in the letter, because of their non-response and lack of leadership on such an important and pressing matter, I formally request that Linda McMahon and Peter Schiff fully and effectively withdraw their campaigns for the United States Senate.  If, by chance, there is any cause whereby Mr. Schiff is not convinced or compelled to satisfy my request, then by this means (of which Mr. Schiff is also being provided a copy), I formally request Mr. Schiff to a public forum which, for the timing, should be held at a convenient time and location either this evening or tomorrow evening (i.e., prior to the Tuesday afternoon deadline for the filing of petition forms for a formal primary campaign).
This challenge makes good sense, is reasonable and it is in the public interest.
I welcome the review and responses of Mr. Schiff and of the other recipients of this important message!
Ethan Book
Tel. (203) 943-0045
Constitutional integrity and individual freedom with global focus!

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