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Update May 28, 2010

Hello Friends,

Since my previous Campaign Up-Date, I have fully decided to petition for a primary challenge against Party endorsed Linda McMahon.  On Monday, I obtained from the Secretary of State the necessary forms and with the support of various, a signature drive has begun and is under way.  It is required that the campaign obtain 8268 signatures by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 8th.  It is a big task but particularly with the political factors known and understood, it becomes doable!

Since my previous Up-Date in which I published the nominating and seconding speeches which were available for this candidacy during the Connecticut Republican Convention proceedings of the evening of Friday, May 21st (also available here at the attachment), there also has been published on the campaign website the video which was available and planned to be presented at the Convention.  The two speeches together with the video make a powerful statement of support for this candidacy.  Further to the previous Up-Date, I also point out that there are various credible facts which suggest that there was improper influencing to diminish my ability to get qualified delegates to give the nominating speeches.  The information (for which I am willing to provide additional detail) suggests that the improper influencing came from either the Schiff camp or the McMahon camp. In all events, the petition drive progresses.  Just this morning as I was waiting for the Fairfield Public Library to open, I obtained signatures from others also waiting. 

Since the Convention, there have been several important developments.  On Tuesday morning, Rob Simmons publicly announced that he was suspending his campaign.  Second, the Quinnipiac University just released a poll in which despite all the scurry and buz about Democrat Party candidate Richard Blumenthal's misstatements of having served in the military in Viet Nam, and despite the Republican Convention's recent endorsement of Linda McMahon, Blumenthal still leads McMahon in popularity polls by 56% to 31%. A focus of the poll was experience of the two candidates. 

For various good reasons, I am the Republican Party's best opportunity to defeat Mr. Blumenthal in November!

  1. I am well educated and experienced in matters of government.
  2. I have good knowledge and understanding of the law.
  3. My campaign platform (readily available at the campaign website) offers more and better contrast to Mr. Blumenthal.  I am a strict constitutionalist and I promote conservative fiscal and social policies.
  4. I lived and worked for eight years in Latin America and am fluent in Spanish.  For these and other reasons, I am a multi-cultural candidate.
  5. There are good factors which constitute favorable political hooks for a direct challenge to Mr. Blumenthal.  Some of this is understood from my campaign website where there is a letter which I sent to Mr. Blumenthal on January 9, 2010.  Among other good points, there is my statement that "you and officials under your authority abuse your positions to influence officials of state agencies and state courts as collateral attack against citizens who might have legitimate federal claims against state officials or against the state".  That statement has major significance!  What was alleged against former President Richard Nixon and what was alleged against former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is pale in comparison with this undisputed statement.  To compare this statement with other useful tools such as are detailed in the seconding speech (at attachment), it is clear that this campaign has various valuable tools for a direct challenge by me against Mr. Blumenthal!
  6. There is cause to believe that this candidacy will benefit from several additional months of campaigning.  I did not make a formal announcement of this candidacy until February 25th, more than six months after the other Republican candidates were in full campaign mode.  Also, for various preliminary matters, the campaign did not get into active mode until the April 13th Candidates' Day at Sacred Heart University.  Thus, with additional campaign time and the other campaign assets as are described above, there is more reason to expect a different outcome for me than for the other contending Republican candidates.

Thus, what we have before us is both practical and strategic. With this candidacy, we can block Mr. Blumenthal and begin to put America back on track!

This evening at 9 p.m., I will be at a gathering for Congressional Candidate Jerry Labriola to be held at the River's Edge Bar and Grill in Derby.  Tomorrow morning between 7 and 9 a.m., I will be at the annual Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast of St. Paul's Church in Fairfield (located on Old Post Road next to the Old Town Hall).  From 10 a.m. to noon, I will be at the Fairfield Memorial Day Parade.  I tentatively plan to be at the main entrance of Trumbull Mall beginning at 8:30 p.m. to collect petition signatures.  All will be welcomed to share in any or all portions of this schedule.

I am a conservative Republican.  I am not a liberal Republican, a neo-conservative or a libertarian.  Rather, I have been a conservative Republican since before it became politically popular to be conservative!

Our nation is not simply in a financial crisis.  Rather, our great nation also faces a constitutional crisis and a moral crisis.  There is good cause to again say that "we have a rendevous with destiny".

Will you join with me in holding the standard high?

Ethan Book
Tel. (203) 943-0045

Constitutional integrity and individual freedom with global focus!


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