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Update May 22, 2010

There is a recognized principle that while playing American football, there are times that it is best to drop back and punt. However, in doing so, the team that punts is still in the game!!!

At the Connecticut Republican Convention in Hartford last evening, at about 7:30 p.m., I formally withdrew this campaign from the Convention. The ostensible reason was that I was not able to find a qualified delegate to place my name in nomination. After several weeks of pursuing several possible contacts and after having arrived to the Convention at about 1:00 p.m. yesterday to begin the process of consulting various known delegates and introducing myself to many others, the consistent response was that the people simply hadn't known me enough.

I formally announced this candidacy on February 25th, that at least six months after other Republican candidates had begun active campaigning. With other preliminary activities to address, the campaign particularly jumped into action with the Sacred Heart Candidates' Day on April 13th. In Connecticut, there are nearly 170 municipalities. Following the formal announcement, I was able to appear to Republican Town Committee meetings of about 10% of the total communities. I attended various Republican special events.

I did interviews for multiple radio and cable television programs. I also actively participated in various Tea Party events as well as a Bridgeport school focus event. On the afternoon prior to the Convention, I went to Hartford to individually place a one-page (front and back) summary Campaign Platform (See campaign website.) on more than 1500 chairs which were set up at the Convention hall. After my withdrawal was announced, I was told that two Congressional candidates for the 5th District had withdrawn.

Considering feedback that I received prior to and following the withdrawal, I consider this campaign to be a continuing success for the following reasons:

  1. After me having been rather low public profile for over two decades while pursuing issues in state and federal courts, the campaign has had a very positive effect of my re-emergence and re-introduction to the public arena.
  2. There has been nearly unanimous consensus that the Campaign Platform is good and solid. I continue to say that it has great depth and breadth. Numerous delegates with whom I spoke yesterday commented that they had read it and found it to be quite good. One particular point of the Platform which is drawing very broad support is the proposed expansion of the term of office for a Congressman from two years to four years.
  3. The campaign process has been serving to re-align me with the Republican Party. For the yet unaddressed issues of the resource recovery problems which surfaced in the mid-1980's, those matters were mainly a product of Democrat Party administration in state government. However, there were also several of Republican leadership who were also involved. That situation has tended to cause some stresses between me and some local Republican groups. It appears that some people have taken the view that Party organization interests supercede the interests and rights of the citizen. That view goes to the distinction which I made in the Biography found at the website between the positivist theory of govenment and the Natural Law theory of Constitutional government. Over the long-term, the positivist view is doomed to failure. Look at the record of the Tower of Babel in scripture and also the Berlin Wall, among others! From the great majority of the local Republican Town Committees to which I appeared, I and my message have been very warmly received!
  4. I have been recognized as a multi-cultural candidate.
  5. I have found alliance with various Tea Party groups.

Following the announcement by the Convention moderator of my withdrawal, I received various supportive comments. One of a conservative political media company recommended that I obtain the 8500 signatures for a primary campaign (which if done must be done within about two weeks) or that I continue the campaign with the Independent Constitutional Party. One prominent member of a local town committee offerred that he would assist me in obtaining signatures. Several First Selectman and town committee chairmen said that they like what I am presenting and they would like to continue to hear from me. In fact, before my recent presentation to a local town committee, there had been a straw poll which committed the various delegates of that district to other candidates. However, after my recent presentation among several others, a presentation which was well received. there was a consensus that when the straw poll was taken, they didn't have all the facts and at another committee meeting just before the Convention, there was another vote of the committee to release all the delegates to allow them to vote according to their individual discretion. In addition, a well-known television reporter who had obviously thorougly read the campaign website, had several good questions. Further, a candidate for Governor commented that the campaign has been a complete success because of the positive issue development.

The proposed nominating and seconding speech which I had ready for prospective delegates to formalize my nomination were designed to allow the delegates to get to know me better and for some issue development. For those same purposes, those proposed speeches are attached for your review. Of note is that the seconding speech deals with contrasts between me and Richard Blumenthal. It is curious that for the tabloid style publication entitled "2010 Connecticut State Conventions" which gave photos and brief editorials on the major candidates of both parties and was made available to all attendees of the Convention, I was positioned next to Richard Blumenthal (a curious coincidence). Also, there likely will soon be a background video of personal photos published on U-Tube (prepared by supporter Eduardo Alvarenga).

I feel good for what has been accomplished. I welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Also, financial contributions will be appreciated to cover about $2,000 in pending campaign expenses including the superb work for the preparation and development of the website by Jon Dupree of Veritage Marketing in Danbury.

God is good!

Ethan Book
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