Apr 24

Update 04/25/10

Hello Friends,

The campaign continues to develop and show promise!

Early on Wednesday evening, I addressed the Meriden Republican Town Committee meeting.  I then went to Windam for a one-hour cable TV program called "Eye on Windam".  Both went well.  I received multiple invitations for presentations from each of those events.

On Thursday, I put the final touches on the formal filings of this candidacy for the Federal Elections Commission. As soon as I obtain confirmation that they are formally filed with the FEC, I will prepare and distribute a news release.  I am told that I should expect more complete coverage of the candidacy by the major media once these filings are completed.

It was reported to me that there was a Republican Party delegates' meeting of the 4th Congressional District in Norwalk on Saturday.  Liz Kurantowicz, the Chief of Staff of the Connecticut Republican Party, stated to the group that regarding the race for the U.S. Senate, there are presently four official candidates with one other to possibly enter the race.  I am also told that of the approximate 5,000 delegates for the Connecticut Republican Convention for Senator to be held on May 21 and 22, about 50% of the delegates have committed to a candidate thereby leaving 50% that are not committed.  Considering also that the 50% that say they are presently committed, some may yet change their positions (among other matters, Linda McMahon continues to get very mixed media reporting), there is certainly apparent margin for a new entry to attract at least 15% of the delegates to thereby force an automatic primary election in August.

Also, I have been invited to the Southbury Republican Town Committee meeting to be held on Monday evening (See notice below.).  Thus, much is happening with much positive progress!

Simply to review this candidacy briefly, there is more substance, quality, depth and breadth to the Campaign Platform than there is of any other candidate for the U.S. Senate.  Also, I speak Spanish fluently and I have active ties with minority groups, that for considerations of what I call multi-cultural communion.  In addition, my public presence and presentation are good.  Further, I am a candidate of life!

I have good potential for becoming President!

I welcome your comments, your support and your prayers!


Ethan Book
Tel.  (203) 943-0045

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