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Update 04/29/10

Hello Friends,

There is more progress to report!  The following message was sent to Jeff Krizan, the Chairman of the Southbury Republican Town Committee with copies to the other candidate participants in Monday evening's Candidates' Night.  The paragraph regarding contrast and debunking the political bubble upon which Richard Blumenthal temporarily rides was made in response to comments given at the Candidates' Night by the representative who spoke on behalf of Linda McMahon who did not personally participate.  A separate report of the event is available at   The event went rather well!


Ethan Book


-----Original Message-----

Sent: Tue, Apr 27, 2010 9:58 pm
Subject: Southbury Candidates' Night

Hello Jeff,

I want to thank and congratulate you and others of the Southbury RTC for the excellent preparation and execution of a quality public event.

There is cause for me to add to information and comments which I presented last evening.  My campaign website has the full text of the announcement speech which I gave on February 25th at the Azul Restaurant on Main Street in Bridgeport, CT. That includes good detail regarding my personal background and experience.  Some of that details my role in observing matters of interest to the State of Connecticut, particularly regarding state activities in resource recovery (a matter with broader implications for national issues of transparency in government, government accountability and the need for judicial reform).  In addition, I provide attached a summary Campaign Platform.

With this background, I summarize here various factors of strengths to this Campaign.

First, the Platform, even as is apparent from the accompanying summary, goes deeper and broader in addressing the hearts of relevant public issues for national office than that of any other candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Second, with regard to contrast and debunking the political bubble upon which Richard Blumenthal has benefited (and also improperly contributed), I refer again to the letter that I sent to him on January 9, 2010 (with the letter also available at the campaign website).  In my letter to him, I asserted that "'you and officials under your authority abuse your positions to influence officials of state agencies and state courts as collateral attack against citizens who might have legitimate federal claims'".  That statement had earlier been made in multiple pleadings in federal Courts (with copies provided to Mr. Blumenthal or to those under his direct supervision).  It has never been disputed or addressed in any manner.  The statement is very significant.  The implications of the statement go far beyond what was ever alleged against former President Richard Nixon or former New York Governor Eliott Spitzer.  The statement relates to an unaddressed long-term political cancer in the State which has major implications for various, particularly for Mr. Blumenthal and others of Democrat Party leadership.

Third, I speak Spanish fluently and have active ties with minority groups.  I support and participate in multi-cultural communion.

Fourth, I have good public presence and presentation.

Fifth, I am a candidate of life.

Sixth, I have good potential to become President.

I am not a liberal Republican, a neo-conservative or a libertarian.  Rather, I have been a conservative Republican since before it became politically popular to be a conservative Republican.

Further, I believe that when our great Nation was founded, God selected this Nation for a special purpose.  However, that purpose is presently at risk.  There are necessary some men and women of conviction, confidence and leadership to bring our great Nation back on track to fully satisfy that special purpose.

There is good cause for me to provide these brief supplementary comments to what was presented yesterday evening before the Southbury RTC.  Again, I thank you and the others of the Committee who had a role in arranging the event, also I thank those others who participated and I very particularly thank those who took the time to come out and be informed.

With kind regards,

Ethan Book
Tel. (203) 943-0045

Constitutional integrity and individual freedom with global focus!
Note, copies of this message are being forwarded to all the other participants of the event and to the leadership of the Connecticut Republican Party.

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