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Update 04/06/2010

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On Sunday, the Connecticut Post had a rather interesting article regarding endorsements of a few Republican officials for some competing Republican candidates.  There was mention of State Representative T.R. Rowe of Trumbull and State Senator Michael McLachlan of Danbury to give support for former WWE executive Linda McMahon and of State Representatives William Hamzy of Plymouth and Rosa Rebimbas of Naugatuck continuing support of former Congressman Rob Simmons.  In considering the article, it was clear that Rep. Rowe and Sen. McLachlan simply considered McMahon to be the lessor of two evils.  Also, despite their own questions about issues and no mention of reasonable probability of defeating the expected Democrat Party candidate Richard Blumenthal, Reps. Hamzy and Rebimbas spoke simply of Simmons' experience.  Of addditonal major significance is that the article affirmed that both McMahon and Simmons are pro-choice.

Considering the nature of the unaddressed issues of the defects of the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade as is published at the campaign website, I decided to send a letter to the various competing Republican candidates (also with a cited copy for Christopher Healey, the Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party as well with other copies provided also to the above-mentioned officials, among others).  A copy of the letter is provided here.

As I consider the message together with the known dynamics of this political campaign, I am encouraged that there is an open door for this campaign and also I am reminded of the figurative but realistic principle that there are times that the tail wags the dog!

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