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Update 03/30/2010

Hello Friends,

As this campaign has developed, I have identified as two key emerging focal points of my platform Congressional reform (including term limits) and judicial reform.  For a Republican candidate to give focus on judicial reform is not common.  However the issue is right and the time is right.  It seems that there are too many in positions of power who view constitutional rights as being a scarce commodity such that those in power tend to parcel them out only to some privileged few.  That is part of what I describe in the campaign introduction as being a conflict with the positivist view of government and the Natural Law theory of constitutional government.  It is my view that our Constitution is good enough and the Hand of God that acted in its drafting is sufficiently powerful that the American Constitutional experience works best and is most efficient, effective and productive domestically and internationally when the rights of all are reasonably respected.

There is mention in the campaign website of a wrongful conviction of a petty misdemeanor for which I spent the full year of 2003 detained as a guest of the State.  I have also asserted in Court papers and publicly that it was a wrongful conviction (i.e, I didn't have a full and fair opportunity to litigate, that therer are various factors of voidness of the convictions and I did not have a reasonable opportunity for appeal.).  To date, no one has disputed this!  Nonetheless, it happened and early during that difficult experience, I decided that I would make the best of a difficult situation.  It seemed that to whatever dormitory I was assigned, other men had a sense that I knew something about the law and they would ask me questions or ask for assistance.  Whenever I could help, I would do so.  Quickly during that process, I realized that I was neither the only innocent or even one of a few.  Rather, I was one of a rather large group of innocents.

My first point of residence during that year was at the Memorial II Dormitory of the Bridgeport Correctional Center (BCC).  There in February of 2003, a man of color approached me.  He was probably in his 30's.  He explained to me his case, that he had been arrested for robbery and kidnapping, that the only evidence which the Bridgeport police had against him was identification in a photo lineup, and also that at the time of the alleged incident, he was at home with his woman and his daughter.  The man approached me with a sheet of paper on which he had written a statement.  He showed it to me and asked for advice on how to get his message before the Court.  I read the statement,  I was deeply touched by it.  At first, I wanted to correct the spelling and grammatical errors but then I thought that the very way he wrote the statement added meaning and effect.  I gave him advice on getting his message before the Court.  However, I also asked his permission that I could transcribe my own copy of the statement.  He gave me permission.  We didn't have photocopiers at the BCC so I wrote his statement by hand.  After I was released, I input the statement into my computer.  The same statement is here.  I'd appreciate that you review it.  I think it's powerful.  I welcome your comments!

Also, in January of 2003, Boston-based Attorney David Grossak made the following public statement:

"Court activity can best be viewed as a 'community game' where the players consist of the elites on one side and outsiders on the other.  The well-connected lawyers, police and judges are connected through a number of ways to the corporate elite that own the media and I personally know that Associated Press kills stories that embarass family courts because they do not want to antagonize the judges in these courts."

Further, in January of 2006, there were hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the nomination of Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.  During the hearings, there emerged comment that in cases before the Court of Appeals which were between government interests and the citizenry, Judge Alito had ruled in favor of the government in 97% of the cases which he decided.  I am not such much concerned that Judge Alito was eventually confirmed.  Rather I am concerned that there was not more Committee, media and public attention to that issue.

This campaign is being felt and is gaining traction but all would go more quickly and smoothly with some campaign contributions such as for the formal filing of the candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission.  It is fully lawful for me to campaign as I am but I don't file with the Commission until there are $5,000 in campaign contributions.  Small contributions would make you an active participant and would be of great value in this important endeavor.  For anyone who questions this I would suggest that he or she considers the options!

I welcome your review and comments!

Ethan Book
Tel. (203) 943-0045

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