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Update 03/24/2010

Hello Friends,

On Monday I sent to my followers as part of a core group the blog post from 03/21/2010 which gave the text of a letter which I had just sent to Peter Schiff, a libertarian who also seeks the Republican Party nomination for the senate seat soon to be vacated by Christopher Dodd.  My recent message relates the steps which I early took to address matters of ineffective regulation in banking and securities matters to other more direct matters of state government, some which relate to current national issues of transparency and accountability in government and judicial reform, among others.  One of those additional matters was mention of a letter which I sent to Senator Joseph Lieberman in October of 1997.  For giving the message below broader distribution, I was considering including the letter to Lieberman as an attachment.  However, upon reflection I considered that the letter contains some material of sensitive political matters with information of which some people might be uncomfortable.

I therefore decided to distribute the message with reference rather to the campaign website where the letter can be read by those who are interested and seek it.

Regarding the recently approved health care legislation, I have been encouraged by the positions stated by Arizona Senator John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudolf Guiliani that we need to get Republicans elected in November in order to present a substitute health care reform, one which retains the good elements of the existing legislation and replaces or removes the objectionable portions.  I am concerned that with all the effort, additional regulation and costs, that the percentage of coverage increases from 83 to 95, that with an estimated cost over ten years of $940 billion (that also when for the existing levels of government deficit and debt and the various domestic and international implications are such that our nation cannot afford such additional expenses).  As I have been saying, there are more efficient and cost-effective ways of satisfying proper objectives.

The general public of our nation is somewhat split about opinion of the new health care legislation with some predominance against.  It is my view that as more information and understanding about the new legislation surfaces, the portion of those against the legislation will increase.  The level of discontent about the legislation is such that there may be cause to stress the fact that presidential immunity is not absolute.  There is a 1982 Supreme Court case of Nixon v. Fitzgerald which discusses the scope and limitations of presidential immunity.  It is a fact that there are some situations where a president can be civilly liable to the public.  This is not a matter to be considered lightly but there are some situations where it can and should be considered.  Both the public and our public officials need to be fully aware of this.

The campaign website continually improves, thanks to Jon Dupree of Veritage Marketing in Danbury.

I expect soon to have more defined issue presentation on the website and also a section for some photographs (i.e., several personal shots, some of the Peace Corps experience in Colombia and some of Haiti; taken while I visited there in 1982 with several of those compared with post-quake shots of the same scenes).  For those who would be interested in viewing a more complete set of such photos, I welcome you to become Friends at my Facebook site (my e-mail is  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  The campaign message is being well received with continuing and additional contacts and introductions which I make daily.  I continue as I am able to request audiences with local Republican Town Committees and there are developing opportunities for newspaper and radio interviews.  Your suggestions and referrals are welcome.

I also welcome your thoughts about these points of discussion and I continue to be grateful for the support which I am receiving!

God is good!



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