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Ethan Book's Biography

Ethan Book for U.S. Senate

As a common sense conservative Republican, Ethan Book is superbly qualified to defeat candidates of all other parties and to effectively serve the good citizens of Connecticut as United States Senator.  He is not a liberal Republican nor a neo conservative nor is he a libertarian.  Rather, he is a common sense conservative who was conservative even before it became politically popular to be conservative.

Born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Ethan grew up in Frederick, Maryland.  After living and working for eight years in Latin America, he moved to Fairfield County in 1983.  He has two advanced degrees, both with honors with a Master’s of International Management from the world acclaimed Thunderbird School of Global Management (Glendale, AZ) where he also served as student body president.  He served a fruitful two-year term with the U.S. Peace Corps as a small business consultant in Bucaramanga, Colombia and he worked successfully for seven years as a loan officer with Bank of America first in the Central America and Caribbean Area Office in Guatemala City, Guatemala (that during the very tenuous and even dangerous period of the Central American crisis; that is the Nicaraguan War), then in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and finally in the regulated industries section of the New York Corporate Office (where he was an active participant in several major transactions including the $55 million commercial paper placement for the construction financing of the Vermont portion of the electrical transmission interconnection between Hydro-Quebec Power Company and the New England Power Pool).  In Connecticut, he is noted for what he observed in 1985 as Vice President for Connecticut Bank & Trust Co. of defects of activities of the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA; a type of regulated industry; See published decision of CRRA et al. v. Freedom of Information Commission et al., 19 Conn.App. 489.).  Also, from 1985-1987, he served a successful term as elected representative to the Town of Fairfield Representative Town Meeting.  He is a descendent of 17th century Irish settlers in the Colony of Connecticut (of which one family member relocated to Illinois where Joseph G. Cannon was elected to the Illinois legislature and then to the U.S. Congress where from 1903 to 1911 he served as the Speaker of the House).

Since 1989, he has successfully operated a limousine service business, that in the setting of both substantial political and economic obstacles, while he has pursued in political forums as well as in state and federal courts resolve of the earlier observed issues of the CRRA.  This lengthy and difficult process has shown him the essence of our constitutional and legal systems as well as made him painfully aware of defects of our political systems.  There has been in Connecticut for too long a systematic political arrogance similar to that which existed also for decades in Massachusetts.  During about 2000, such a system was described in a statement made to a colleague by the brother of former Governor William O’Neill:

Connecticut is run by the Irish mafia and don’t forget, Governor Rowland is part Irish.

While Ethan doesn’t believe that there is absolute truth to that statement, unfortunately there has been too much truth to it such that the kind of democratic processes and guidelines which were intended by our founding fathers has been very seriously distorted and has become dysfunctional. The degree of dysfunction which has existed in the State of Connecticut, which he believes is similar to but probably more eccentuated than most other states, is such that he has both figuratively and really suffered as a political prisoner (See his letter of January 9th to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.).

On the economy, he believes that the best way for the federal government to encourage a healthy economy is to carefully establish effective regulation and to limit government spending (to that to which it is authorized in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution) all while promoting national security.  Regarding abortion, Ethan believes that the primary present issue is error in Roe v. Wade for a matter which is fundamentally a state issue (A separate Position Paper is available.).  He supports a citizen’s right to have arms within reasonable guidelines.  He believes that these are good, relevant issues.  However, more fundamental is that our state and nation by practice have deviated from the Natural Law theory of constitutional government to the positivist theory where anything goes as long as it serves the majority of constituents (a principle which might sound good but one which in reality cheats the minority and also tends 

to deprive the majority of important productive inputs of the minority).  Such a dangerous evolution has permeated agencies and the courts in both state and federal governments.  It is one of the reasons that state and federal budgets are bloated with expenses of incarcerating many too many men who are either fully innocent of any real offense or who have received penalties that are wholly disproportionate with the offenses.  It is also a reason that state and federal budgets on social programs including welfare do not receive the kind of legislative discipline and scrutiny for limiting such programs to what are really necessary and could be most productive to our citizens, communities and our nation.

Ethan has three fine sons, all graduates of Boise State University.  Aaron, aged 32, is married and works as a bank credit analyst.  Andrew, aged 28, is married as works as a junior high school math teacher.  Anthony, aged 26, is married and is presently a graduate student in Southern California seeking a doctorate in physical therapy.  Ethan regularly attends the Principe de Paz Assemblies of God Church in the Bridgeport West End.  He is a board member of the El Alfarero Hispanic prison ministry.  He is fluent in Spanish.  Other information about him can be found at his personal sites at Facebook and

Ethan doesn’t just talk standing up to the political bully.  Rather his actions over a long-term period demonstrate that his actions correspond with his words.  He is superbly qualified and has the standing to face and defeat candidates of other parties.  Ethan is not only the kind of candidate that can be elected to the United States Senate, he is also the kind of candidate who can be the catalyst to rekindle the romance between the Republican Party and the public which it seeks to serve.

~ March 6, 2010


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